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Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

Year: 1981

Genres: Romance,Thriller,War

Countries: UK

Votes: 3708

Rating: 7.1

Cast: Ashton David; Bannen Ian; Barry-Weske Sean; Belbin George; Bennett John; Brown Philip Martin; Cazenove Christopher; Connor Patrick; Dale Ellis; Edwards Rory; Fellows Don; Fraser Bill; Frazer Rupert; Graydon Richard; Grieve John; Haley Jonathan Nicholas; Harwood Stewart; Hayman David; Jenkinson Chris; Josephs Michael; Kydd Sam; Lee George; Lovegrove Arthur; MacKenna Stephen; Mayall Rik; McCrindle Alex; Mellinger Michael; Merrow William; Nighy Bill; Paul John; Phillips Stephen; Rees John; Rix Colin; Surtees Allan; Sutherland Donald; White Bruce; Brook Faith; Ewing Barbara; Graley Barbara; Nelligan Kate; Tobin-Weske Rita; Friedman Stephen J.; Follett Ken; Mann Stanley; Hume Alan; Rуzsa Miklуs; Bloomfield John; Marquand Richard; Barton Sean; Allen Angela; Beharrell John; Bolon Lee; Booth Valerie; Clarke Marilyn; Dunster Maurice; Forrester Penelope; Hall Anna; Kirkpatrick Leila; Lang William; Patrick Jennifer; Shingleton Wilfred

Taglines: Codename: “The Needle”. Only one person can stop him: The woman who loves him !
To love a stranger is easy… To kill a lover is not.

Storyline: A German spy carrying information that will reveal the target of Operation Overlord becomes involved with the wife of a crippled man on an isolated island off the Scottish coast while he waits to be picked up.
WWII German superspy, the Needle, who gravitates towards murder using his trusty switchblade, discovers vital evidence about the Allies D-Day invasion. He makes for the Scotish coast to escape on a U-Boat when his small boat is shipwrecked before being picked up and the Needle is washed ashore. He is saved by a man destined to never enter the war and his wife and child. The Needle quickly falls in love with the woman and both must decide between their love or country.

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