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Fearless 1993


Year: 1993

Directors: Peter Weir

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 6879

Rating: 7.00

Cast: Manny Rodrigo: Benicio Del Toro; Brillstein: Tom Hulce; Laura Klein: Isabella Rossellini; Max Klein: Jeff Bridges; Dr. Bill Perlman: John Turturro; Alison: Debra Monk; Peter Hummel: Randle Mell; Carla Rodrigo: Rosie Perez; Cindy Dickens: Cynthia Mace; Jonah Klein: Spencer Vrooman; Jeff Gordon: John de Lancie; Nan Gordon: Deirdre O’Connell; Byron Hummel: Daniel Cerny; Gail Klein: Eve Roberts; Sarah: Robin Pearson Rose

Taglines: Some people are afraid of nothing.

Storyline: After a terrible air disaster, survivor Max Klein emerges a changed person. Unable to connect to his former life or to wife Laura, he feels godlike and invulnerable. When psychologist Bill Perlman is unable to help Max, he has Max meet another survivor, Carla Rodrigo, who is racked with grief and guilt since her baby died in the crash which she and Max survived.

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