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Female Perversions

Female Perversions

Year: 1996

Genres: Drama

Countries: Germany,USA

Votes: 1114

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Brown Clancy; Cassini John; Diehl John; Durbin Wade; El Razzac Abdul Salaam; Gething Russ; Gettinger Don; James Jim; Knight Ruben; Loring Scotch Ellis; Manuel Viktor; McCormack J. Patrick; Pendegrass Tony; Rider Robert; Zieff Rick; Berns Judy Jean; Bileschi Bailee; Blank Kim; Cava Elizabeth; Cross Marcia; Davila Azalea; Fisher Frances; Glickman Rana Joy; Madigan Amy; Marcus Bea; Martin Sandy; Persky Lisa Jane; Porizkova Paulina; Racz Marra; Robins Laila; Rodriguez Eva; Rodriguez Evangelina; Shuger Dale; Sillas Karen; Smith Shawnee; Swinton Tilda; Tyrone Kirstie; Wierson Tere; Wise Nina; Affrime Mindy; Gold Janine; King Zalman; Kцlmel Rainer; Resnick Gina; Ronson Rena; Hйbert Julie; Kaplan Louise J.; Streitfeld Susan; Medina Teresa; Wiseman Debbie; Billows Angela; Clayton Curtiss; Trombetta Leo; Adams Julie; Alacon Bill; Bartlett Gregory; Becker Brent M.; Belgard Steven; Blum Annette; Boskon Susan; Chaz Baby; Currier R. Blaine; Duclos Jennifer; Gosling Maureen; Heider Erica; Kaye Marjorie; Korn Krissy; Kulukundis Cassandra; Packman Marvin; Reininger Hope; Shuger Judge Nancy; St. John Rick; Stern Rachel; Talbot Jeanne; Tice Jack; Tooby Brian; Touhy Brian; Turner Brian; Weiner Melanie; Zamora Luis; Ziegler Farley; Stewart Missy

Taglines: Dare to let yourself go where you’ve never been before.
Dare to let yourself go where you’ve never been before
It’s all about power

Storyline: Dresses, lipsticks, sex – the “perversions” (and neuroses) of Eve, a young, very successful lawyer. Her days are a tightrope act between extreme eloquence and frosty toughness on the one side, and scaring vulnerability on the other. The climax of her career shall be the possibly forthcoming appointment as a judge, but this step seems to be interrupted by her kleptomanian sister Mad who is arrested after one of her raids. Eve travels to Mad’s town to stand by her in the jail. Their struggle about Mad’s illness evokes suppressed conflicts. Eve stays at her sister’s flat where she meets a girl that fights with its budding femininity.

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