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Foreign Student

Foreign Student

Year: 1994

Genres: Drama

Countries: Netherlands,USA,France,Italy,UK

Votes: 165

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Allums Jeffrey; Archer Tony; Battle Hinton; Bodenhamer William; Branch Philip; Bryant Pembroke; Burke Michael Reilly; Burnette Clement; Caradonna Michael; Cassadoure Jean Raoul; Child Bob; Christensen Robert; Coleman Jack; Day Brian; Denton Danny; Duges Gerard; Dunford Danny; Dutton Charles S.; Ferguson Matt; Gehler Eric; Goodwin Michael; Habberton John; Hendricks Jon; Herrera Anthony; Herrmann Edward; Hickman David; Hofschneider Marco; Holmes Terrance; Hughes David; Johnson Rick; Kirby Douglas; Knight Sutton; Lavin Terry; Lighty Harold; Lindsey Bryan; Long David; McMullen Cliff; Medlin Brendan; Miles G. Eric; Miller Brad; O’Hare Kevin; Orcutt Jonathan; Park Andy; Parrott Kevin A.; Perkins Jon Scott; Perkinson Ronald; Pleasants Allan; Pointdexter Robert; Poli Peter; Ragains Richard; Reese Steve; Riddle Christopher; Roland Bryant; Sale Jonathan; Sowers Martin; Steele Colin; Wade Steven; Walsh Gerald; Wells Sam; Wilkinson Chris; Beard Jane; Chartier Jody; Corbett Linita; Givens Robin; Hoffman Kate; Proctor Holley G.; Ray Jennifer; Ross Charlotte; Whaley Rachelle; Williamson Ruth; Zobel Kerry; Ben Ammar Tarak; Hoffman Peter; Lombardo Mark; Meyjes Menno; Muraglia Silvio; Westhead Victoria; Labro Philippe; Di Giacomo Franco; Petit Jean-Claude; Ramsey Carol; Sereny Eva; Hollywood Peter; Albert Christopher; Albert Rebecca; Altman Joan; Armstrong Brenda; Bartoletti Karim; Borden George; Bratton John; Chivily Stephanie; Compton Kathy; Corbin Tim; Corley David; Davis Mike; de Pasquale Mathieu; Edmondson Sheila; Ellis Mark Robert; Everett Joe; Gibson Rebecca; Grotz Eric; Henderson Chuck; Hevener Sean; Hussenot Sйbastien; Lamb Douglas; Link Eric R.; Mattacola Carl; Meath Jason; Nevin Anne; Rachedi Amine; Ragland Philip; Roberts Wendy Lee; Segal Brigitte; Segall Dominique; Sherman Richie; Swift Sheila; Tiberi Daniele; Wood Jennifer; Woodlief Lynalise; Zeh Susan; Cummings Howard


Storyline: Paris, 1955. Philippe Leclerc is overjoyed: he has just been granted the fellowship he applied for and he will be able to study for a year at the prestigious Asheland-Stuart University of Virginia. Once on the spot, he discovers how different the South of the USA is from his native France and the period of adjustment is no bed of roses, notably when he mistakes American football for soccer while playing a game and becomes the laughing stock of the college. Philip nonetheless gains the friendship of the captain of the team and gradually adapts to his new environment, discovering American literature through the lectures of a fascinating professor, rock and roll and jazz, among other things. A Southern belle, Sue Ann, falls for his Latin charm but, unfortunately for her, her love is unrequited and she breaks down nervously as a result. As for Philippe he falls madly in love with April, a beautiful Black domestic worker…

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