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Forever Fever

Forever Fever

Year: 1998

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Countries: Singapore

Votes: 416

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Ali Najip; Bakar Leroy; Bhatnagar Sankalp; Chan Chee Kiong; Chan Mexc; Chong Ronald; Chong William Fong Fah; Choong James Mun Lok; Chua Loius; Gan Gary Eng Hong; Goch Jonathan; Goh Caleb; Heng Andy; Hoang Du’c; Hong Keith Khee Wee; Hoon Koon Tey; Kassim Moe; Kumar; Lam Jason; Lau Emeric; Lee Frederick; Lee Leonard; Lim Albert Beow Kian; Lim David Bong Teck; Lim Kay Siu; Lim Kay Tong; Lim Song Khoon; Lim Steven; Lim Wee Chew; Lim Yu-Wei; Ong Patrick; Pace Dominic; Pang Adrian; Pek Suat Cheng; Png Andre Paul; Png Pierre; Tan Brian; Tan Ian; Tay Alaric; Teo Kuan Soon; Toh Jermyn; Usop Irwan bin; Wong Jerrold; Wong Westley; Yu Brian; Abdul Ajis Juliana; Ang Wendy Mui Fah; Boey Daphne; Chan Margaret; Chew Karen; Chua Michelle; Claudine; Drama Diva; Francis Anna Belle; Kay Mei Mei; Kee Cathy; Keuk Jessie; Koh Chieng Mun; Lee Pei Lu; Lee Teri-Anne; Lim Angela Yanling; Loh Glenn; Loo Alicia; Low Sharon; Ng Doris; Ng Mindy; Ngo Claire; Oei Pamela; Ong Cyndi; Ong Lily Siew Lin; Ong Michele; Pang Monica Tee Ngan; Pereira Donny; Pereira Jaqueline; Shirui; Stephen Claire Rama; Tan Karen; Tan Kheng Hua; Tan Medaline; Tan Michelle Hock Khim; Tan Winnie Li Ching; Teo Amanda; Wong Kelly; Yeong Susan; Yip Janet; Chiang Jeffrey; Goei Glen; Tan Chih Chong; Breheny Brian J.; Gross Guy; Moran Jane; Amin Aidil Bin; Ang Turbo; Hammond Jay; Lam Phi Lee; Leong Andy Wai Khong; Lim Apple; Pheck Kim Lim; Tan Jeffrey; Tan Picasso; Teng Cheng Boon; Zaki Ahmad; Eastwood Lawrence

Taglines: A romantic comedy with twists and turns.

Storyline: Kung Fu meets disco in Singapore. Hock is a grocery clerk longing for a motorbike. He lives with his parents and sister; they idolize his younger brother, Beng, a medical student calling himself Leslie. Hock loves Bruce Lee; he works out and imitates his moves. When Hock sees a cheesy local version of “Saturday Night Fever,” he gets the disco bug, taking his pal Mei to nightly lessons in hopes of winning a contest and buying the bike. He’s blind to Mei’s falling in love with him, and, at the last minute asks another woman to be his partner in the contest. Meanwhile, Beng reveals a personal secret to his family and a crisis ensues. Hock, Beng, Mei and her rival: it’s Night Fever.

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