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Frankenstein 1994


Year: 1994

Directors: Kenneth Branagh

Genres: Fantasy,Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi

Countries: Japan,UK,USA

Votes: 8180

Rating: 6.00

Cast: Professor Waldman: John Cleese; The Creature: Robert De Niro; Henry Clerval: Tom Hulce; Elizabeth: Helena Bonham Carter; Baron Frankenstein: Ian Holm; Mrs. Moritz: Celia Imrie; Captain Robert Walton: Aidan Quinn; Victor’s Mother: Cherie Lunghi; Professor Krempe: Robert Hardy; Claude: Gerard Horan; Felix: Mark Hadfield; Grandfather: Richard Briers; Justine: Trevyn McDowell; Marie: Joanna Roth

Taglines: It’s Alive.
Be warned.

Storyline: Based on Mary Shelly’s novel, the hair-raising movie tells the sad story of Victor Frankenstein (Kenneth Brannagh), a promising young scientist. The doctor was so devastated by his mother’s death during childbirth that he became obsessed with the idea of bringing the deceased back to life, unaware of the consequences of his actions. The result of his experiment with the remains of the corpse and electricity was a simple, seemingly harmless creature (Robert De Niro) which, however, turned into a wrathful and vindictive monster after his ”father” abandoned him. Dr. Frankenstein wished he had never created him!

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