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Freddy Got Fingered 2001

Freddy Got Fingered

Year: 2001


Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 18490

Rating: 3.80

Cast: Freddy Brody: Eddie Kaye Thomas; Jim Brody: Rip Torn; Andy Malloy: Connor Widdows; Mr. Malloy: Jackson Davies; Mr. Davidson: Anthony Michael Hall; Darren: Harland Williams; Man #2 – Restaurant: Scott Heindl; Larry/Truck Driver: R. Nelson Brown; Security Guard – Studio: Ron Selmour; Gord Brody: Tom Green; Farmer #1: John R. Taylor; Farmer #2: Bob Osborne; Doctor: George Gordon; Man #1 – Restaurant: David Neale; Waiter: Allan Gray

Taglines: This time you can’t change the channel.
A touching story of a young man who desperately wants to make his daddy proud.

Storyline: Tom Green plays Gord Brody, a slacker who dreams of becoming an animator for cartoon shows. He is forced to move back in with his parents, but then refuses to leave. Along the way, he sexually pleasures various farm animals, licks open flesh wounds, accuses his father of molesting his brother, goes scuba diving in a toilet, plays an organ with several sausages attached to it which are suspended in midair, and does a bunch of other stuff that is too insane, offensive, disgusting, or weird to be mentioned here.

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