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Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

Year: 2000

Genres: Documentary,Music

Countries: USA

Votes: 243

Rating: 7.7

Cast: Ali Muhammad; Asia Planet; Buddah Akim Funk; Burt Eluard; Campbell Myo; Coltrane John; Darkleaf; Def Mos; Dominant Kirby; Eminem; Fellowship Freestyle; Finesse Lord; Fitzgerald Kevin; Fox Richard; G Craig; Garcia Robert; Herc Kool; Juice; Jurassic 5; Killah Ghostface; Kweli Talib; Last Poets The; Legs Crazy; Living Legends; Lyricist Lounge The; MacFadden Lucas; McDaniels Darryl; Moe Dee Kool; Monch Pharoahe; Notorious B.I.G. The; Otherwize; Riley Raymond ‘Boots’; Shakur Tupac; Simmons Joseph; Stewart Charles; Styler Divine; Styles Tragedy; Supernatural; Sway; Thompson Ahmir-Khalib; Trotter Tariq; Wordsworth; Bahamadia; Mazar Debi; Medusa; Abramson Brad; Anuff Joey; Berger Ann; Costes Michel; Devlin Paul; Giblin Peter; Henley Youree; Hirschorn Michael; Jones Wesley; Raggio Charles; Rubin Henry Alex; Tatro Shelly; White Tiare; Wilson Meredith; Hickey Todd; Kozman Daniel; Organic DJ; Walizadeh Omid; Ramist Rachel; Solotaroff Isaac


Storyline: From neighborhood ciphers to the most notorious MC battles, “Freestyle: the Art of Rhyme” captures the electrifying energy of improvisational hip-hop–the rarely recorded art form of rhyming spontaneously. Like preachers and jazz solos, freestyles exist only in the moment, a modern-day incarnation of the African-American storytelling tradition. Shot over a period of more than seven years, it is already an underground cult film in the hip-hop world. The film systematically debunks the false image put out by record companies that hip-hop culture is violent or money-obsessed. Instead, it lets real hip-hop artists, known and unknown, weave their story out of a passionate mix of language, politics, and spirituality.

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