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French Film

French Film

Year: 2008

Genres: Comedy,Romance

Countries: UK

Votes: 172

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Annis Adrian; Bonneville Hugh; Cantona Eric; Dell Jean; Henshall Douglas; Hooper Kenneth; Maynard Henry; Duff Anne-Marie; Hamilton Victoria; Connors Rachel; Counihan Judy; David Arvind Ethan; Ditta Aschlin; Hasan Uzma; Landra Sylvie; Le Marechal Stewart; Persey Jonny; Riley Michael; Van Hales Sean; Warbeck Stephen; Billows Angela; Oudney Jackie; Abbott Will; Burton Kerensa; Carter Benjamin; Danowski Jane; Gray Mia; Manwaring Paul; Nimmo Richard; Perdikos Nicoletta; Walker Guy; Payne Rachel

Taglines: Could it be that French is the true language of love?

Storyline: Jed prepares to interview French cineaste and self-appointed expert on the nature of love – Thierry Grimandi. The worldly and somewhat jaded Jed is dead-set on dismissing the auteur’s musings as pompous and, well French, until his own relationship with Cheryl starts to fall apart and he is forced to re-evaluate the illusive subject. Soon everyone is talking about love: his relationship counselor, drinking buddy Marcus and Marcus’ girlfriend SophieBeginnings, endings, tricks…could the French be on to something?

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