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Frog and Wombat

Frog and Wombat

Year: 1998

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Votes: 155

Rating: 4.9

Cast: Cox Ronny; Malinger Ross; Norton Ken; O’Sullivan Donal; Paone David; Peterson Altair; Scoggin Nick; Carol Jean; Cushman Jessica; Lipoma Emily; Michaud Briana; Porterfield Nadine; Rudrьd Kristin; Schmid Alexandra; Sorey Carla-Maria; Stuart Katie; Wagner Lindsay; Agard Laurie; Caldara Irina; Dennis John; Diamond Nina; Marlau Lil; Preziosi Ray; Edmonson Greg; Sheldon Victoria; Ladevich Laurel; Leong Chris; Longoria Sam; Agard Katie; Angello Mickey; Beckmann Sue; Eaton Kimberly; Gurule Greg; Herbig Margaret A.; Higgins Sara; Meng Raphael; Messing Steven; Moses Robert; Murphy Cheryl; Pavlin Tom; Raymond James; Rehder Kelli; Rickerson Marisa; Rodick Rebecca; Rodriguez Sammy; Ruddell Emilie; Sheldon Scarlett; Swanson Jennifer; Valmore Kimberly; Verstrepen Kim; Wong Leo

Taglines: Growing up can be murder.

Storyline: From her bedroom window, Alli (code name “Frog”) thinks that she has discovered the cover up of a serious crime. She is convinced that her new school principal has committed a murder, and she is going to prove it! When her best friend, Jane (code name “Wombat”), rejects this idea, a brazen Frog decides to set up surveillance, collect some evidence and break the case.

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