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Year: 1985

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 238

Rating: 3.3

Cast: Abner Joe; Alford Brian; Anna Daniel; Blandford Byron; Block Peter; Brooks Cap; Burton Mark; Caldwell Everett; Chabannes Gilles; Chabannes Ty; Cherico John; Churchill Dirk; Cunningham IV Frank; Davis Doug; Deaton Paul; Dodson John; Ensley Bill; Faires Robert; Falke Bruce; Faulks Barton; Folse Gabriel; Freytag Russell; Gibbs Charlie; Gillum Jr. Earl; Grueber Charles; Hamilton Michael; Hanwell Jr. William S.; Harrell Newt; Hawkes John; Higdon Greg; Houston Rick; Johnson Bill; Kanne Craig; Max and the Makeups; McFarran Nick; McNeill V Archie; Merlyn Gregg; Miles Bill; Moerbe David; Moon III John; Moore Dirk; Neal Edwin; Payne Steve; Reese Wade; Ricker Robert; Rowley Rob; Scott Jeffrey; Smith Geren; Stubblefield Michael; Williams Michael; Woodward John; Barrera Melissa; Black Natalie; Black Susan; Burns Marilyn; Cadenhead Kate; Cain Claire; Casey Lynn; Creach Denice; Damm Deborah; Dunlap Daphne; Durkin Cathy; Ellis Betty; Folse Tracy; Forsythe Holly; Fox Victoria; Gross Julie; Henshaw Elizabeth; Jenkins Theresa; Kay Karin; Locke Susan; MacLeod Janet; McGinty Colleen; Perry Anvis; Rasmussen Melissa; Scoggin Rebecca; Shelton Jill; Stanton Lauralea; Sublett Jessie; Villarreal Alice; Washburn Elizabeth; Weaver Dana; Weaver Kimberly; Winters Karen; Barker Don; Best John H.; Moore Ronald W.; Smith Terri; Unterberger Gregg; Lewis Jon H.; Renfrow Robert; Hagan Kathleen M.; Seith Leon; Simmons Charles; Abzug Marvin; Anderson Regene; Beck Julie; Burns Robert A.; Comiskey Karen; Hartack Don; Huber Keith; Keating Colom L.; King Donna; LePack Dawn; Lewin Webster; Smith Kelly; Steele Don; Stowe Lynne; Tierney Brad

Taglines: The Stars of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” are back!
In the future, the Mutants rule!
Future Kill – The mutants time is here!

Storyline: A group of protesters who call themselves “mutants” have taken over the inner city streets of a large city. They dress weird to try and show the effects of toxic poisoning. One of the mutants, Splatter, has really been affected. A group of fraternity boys decide to go into the mutant territory and kidnap one of the mutants as a prank. They inadvertently get framed for the murder of the mutant leader and are hunted through the abandoned buildings and dark streets by a crazed Splatter and his gang.
When frat boys are hated by the whole Fraternity, the five trouble makers are sent out on a phony kidnapping for Eddie Pain, the leader of a seemingly harmless protest group called Anti-Nuke Mutants. Protestors dressed in bizarre fashions and make-up to draw attention to their cause on stopping nuclear technology. But Eddie’s top guard Splatter (played by Edwin Neal) kills one of the Frats, and Eddie as well. Now the Frat boys are lost in the city, their car is destroyed, and they’re wanted by every mutant. Now their only hope is Julie and Eddie’s girlfriend Dorothy (played by Marilyn Burns) who is hell bent on taking revenge on Eddie’s killer Splatter.

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