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Getting Away with Murder

Getting Away with Murder

Year: 1996

Genres: Comedy

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 735

Rating: 4.2

Cast: Adler Jerry; Aykroyd Dan; Barnes Frederic W.; Blackburn Richard; Borgman Eric Bruno; Callahan Dick; Chan Victor; Chase Johnie; Costello Luke; D’Oliveira Damon; Fields Robert; Frank Kevin; Glassman Howard; Harrold Jamie; Hartman Ron; Hobbs Roy; Jessup Jack; Kennington Brian; Kerwin Brian; Kondracke Morton; Korkes Jon; Lemmon Jack; Liss Richard; Lovelle Herb; McLaughlin John; Mitchell Thomas; Moon Brett; Moon Ryan; Morgenroth Robert W.; Nichols Dave; O’Keeffe Douglas; Parrott Billy; Pasco Nicholas; Quinn J.C.; Regev Gabriel; Robson Wayne; Romano Andy; Romano Rino; Savoy Gerry; Shaw Bernard; Vanocur Sander; Adams Camille James; Appel Alex; Battista Bobbie; Chibas Marissa; Clift Eleanor; Coles Mary Ann; Douglass Diane; Forristal Susan; Griffin Katie; Hirasawa Jillian; Hunt Bonnie; Kahn Heather; Klein Jacqueline; Land Janet; MacDonald Ann-Marie; MacDonald Kerry; Marshall Kathleen; Reynolds Colleen; Sinclair Judy; Taylor Helen; Tomlin Lily; Yeager Caroline; Abbott Elliot; Brost Frederic W.; Marshall Penny; Price Frank; Sicilia Gail; Miller Harvey; Tidy Frank; Debney John; Gellman Judith R.; Nord Richard; Almond Chip; Bartlik Ginny; Berkowitz Barbara; Compeau Gail; Costa Anthony; Crane Marion; David Susanna; Griffith Del; Hoddinott Will; Hurtubise J.W.; Jones Elmer; McMillan Ray; McSweeny Mara; Meirson Tal; Montiforte Sam; Papas Trisha; Parker Rick; Paul Colin; Pauli Nicole; Peavey Michael; Quinn Tammy; Stermac Ron; Stevenson Cindy; Weiss Schwanz; Wozniak Deborah; Moore John Jay

Taglines: One bad apple can spoil the whole line-up.

Storyline: When the very moralistic college ethics instructor (Aykroyd) finds himself living next door to an accused German death camp commander (Lemmon), he takes it upon himself to rid the world of this man. And even though he manages to kill him, he does it so cleanly that no one accuses him and it isn’t until he guiltily marries the German’s daughter (Tomlin) that he discovers the truth about the man…

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