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Giulia e Giulia

Giulia e Giulia

Year: 1987

Genres: Drama,Thriller,Mystery

Countries: Italy

Votes: 382

Rating: 5.2

Cast: Byrne Gabriel; Cappelletti Bruno; Ferzetti Gabriele; Mozzato Norman; Scarpa Renato; Steiner John; Sting; Tabani Maurizio; Van Wyk Alexander; Voyagis Yorgo; Broccolino Lidia; Falco Mirella; Goodwin Angela; Muzio Francesca; Turner Kathleen; Coppo Cesare; Pinto Francesco; Stucchi Gaetano; Del Monte Peter; Minion Joseph; Napolitano Silvia; Petraglia Sandro; Rotunno Giuseppe; Jarre Maurice; Cerruti Nino; Ortona Danda; Chandler Michael; Jones Dianne; Rolla Stefano; Garbuglia Mario

Taglines: A love trapped between two worlds

Storyline: Julia, an American woman living in Italy, becomes depressed and traumatized after her husband Paolo is killed in a car accident on their wedding day. Six years later, Julia inexplicably finds herself sliding in time between two different worlds where in one she is still struggling with her grief over Paolo’s death, and in the other world she is married to Paolo who’s alive and well with their five year old son, where Julia is having an affair with a British gentleman named Daniel, in which the frequent supernatural sliding between these two worlds threaten to drive Julia crazy when she begins having difficulty in telling them apart and learning which world she is currently living in.

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