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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Year: 1939

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: UK

Votes: 4678

Rating: 7.8

Cast: Boucher Leonard; Breon Edmund; Caine Henry; Croft David; de Pokorny Leo; Donat Robert; Frankel Cyril; Gawthorne Peter; Harding Lyn; Henreid Paul; Kilburn Terry; Lack Simon; Lambert Jack; Leister Frederick; Longden John; Ludlow Patrick; Middleton Guy; Mills John; Raymond Cyril; Roberts J.H.; Rosmer Milton; Shepley Michael; Stock Nigel; Sunderland Scott; Tree David; Trevor Austin; Ward Ronald; Watson Caven; Furse Jill; Furse Judith; Garson Greer; Hampton Louise; Hunt Martita; Morris Phyllis; Saville Victor; Hilton James; Maschwitz Eric; Sherriff R.C.; West Claudine; Young Freddie; Franklin Sidney; Wood Sam; Frend Charles

Taglines: At The Top Of The Year’s “Ten Best” – The picture that earns for 1939 a proud place in motion-picture history!
You Will Love Them in September As You Did in May

Storyline: An old classics teacher looks back over his long career, remembering pupils and colleagues, and above all the idyllic courtship and marriage that transformed his life.
In 1870, Mr. Chipping arrives in the traditional Brookfield Boarding School to give history classes in the lower school. He has a rough first day with the indiscipline of the class, and the Headmaster Wetherby advises him that he needs ability to exercise his authority, otherwise he would be fired. He gives a severe punishment to the class achieving the respect of the students. When Wetherby dies in 1888, the old-fashion senior Mr. Chipping expects to be the next headmaster, but he is not promoted. His German colleague and friend Max Staefel invites him to travel on vacations with him to Austria, where he meets the progressive British Katherine. The shy and lonely Mr. Chipping and Katherine fall in love for each other and sooner they get married. Back to Brookfield, the enchantment of Katherine makes Mr. Chips popular with his colleagues and students and he is promoted to housemaster. Katherine makes him believe that he could be the headmaster if he wanted, but she dies in the delivery with their baby. With the beginning of World War I, Mr. Chips is promoted to headmaster until his death after sixty-six years of service to Brookfield.

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