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Gummo 1997


Year: 1997

Directors: Harmony Korine

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 6722

Rating: 5.70

Cast: Dot: ChloĞ» Sevigny; Solomon: Jacob Reynolds; Tummler: Nick Sutton; Girl in Car: Lara Tosh; Bunny Boy: Jacob Sewell; Darby: Darby Dougherty; Helen: Carisa Glucksman; Skinhead #1: Jason Guzak; Skinhead #2: Casey Guzak; Huntz: Wendall Carr; Cowboy #1: James Lawhorn; Cowboy #2: James Glass; Ellen: Ellen M. Smith; Eddie: Charles Matthew Coatney

Taglines: Prepare to visit a town you’d never want to call home.
From the creator of KIDS

Storyline: Xenia, Ohio, is a small poor and boring city that never fully recovered after a tornado in the 1970s. Teenager Solomon and his slightly older friend Tummler, have nothing to do but kill time, buying glue to sniff and get high.

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