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Hannibal 2001


Year: 2001

Directors: Ridley Scott

Genres: Crime,Thriller

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 43013

Rating: 6.30

Cast: Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Anthony Hopkins; Paul Krendler: Ray Liotta; Mason Verger: Gary Oldman; Dr. Cordell Doemling: Zeljko Ivanek; Clarice Starling: Julianne Moore; Barney Matthews: Frankie Faison; Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi: Giancarlo Giannini; Allegra Pazzi: Francesca Neri; Carlo Deogracias: Ivano Marescotti; FBI Director Noonan: Francis Guinan; Clint Pearsall: David Andrews; Evelda Drumgo: Hazelle Goodman; DEA Agent Eldridge: James Opher; Gnocco: Enrico Lo Verso; Matteo Deogracias: Fabrizio Gifuni

Taglines: Break The Silence
Never Forget Who He Is
He’s A Man After Your Heart[UK – Valentine’s Day Preview]
How long can a man stay silent before he returns to the thing he does best?
The silence will be broken.
The silence is broken.
His genius UNDENIABLE. His evil UNSPEAKABLE. His name… HANNIBAL.
Ten years ago he could get to you from behind the glass. On Feb 9th, he’s out. HANNIBAL
The world’s most deliciously evil gentleman is back!
May the silence be broken!

Storyline: Part four in the Hannibal Lecter Quadrilogy. Having escaped the asylum in “Silence of the Lambs,” Dr Lecter goes into hiding in Florence, Italy. Back in America, Mason Verger, an old victim of the doctor’s, seeks revenge. Disfigured and confined to a life-support system, he plans to draw Lecter out of his hiding place, using the one thing he truly cares for: Clarice Starling.

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