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Hard Scrambled

Hard Scrambled

Year: 2006

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 64

Rating: 5.3

Cast: Bauer Erik; Edson Richard; Gianopoulos David; Kopache Thomas; Podell Eyal; Smith Kurtwood; Elizabeth Ashli; Grant Beth; Hettinga Jodi; Ubach Alanna; Lent Michael; Mercurio James P.; Morini Dean L.; Shuken Caryn; Wolff John P.; Hay David Scott; Heckerling Matthew; Frank Andrew; Gallagher Patrick; Schubert Matthias; Sobol Kate; Boyd Mary Ann; Dios Marcia; Friedman David; Smith Terry F.; Kaip Susan


Storyline: Alice’s Diner has been around for 25 years but is down on its luck and Alice wants to retire. Assorted ex-cons, dreamers and schemers call the place home. When Alice plunges into a boiling deep fat fryer, the men in her life fight for control of the diner. Crosses and double crosses ensue until the central question is answered, “What happened to Alice?”

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