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Harry & Son

Harry & Son

Year: 1984

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 846

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Alva Joseph; Barrett Jerry; Benson Robby; Bergman Harold; Brimley Wilford; Brockman Michael; Chaykin Maury; Davis Ossie; Dukes Leroy; Edwards Dennis; Finn Jeffrey; Freeman Morgan; Goodman Robert; Hess Joe; Kassewitz Jack; Knickerbocker Will; Miller Terry; Moody Don; Mungenast Sr. Dave; Nesor Al; Newman Paul; Nowicki Tom; Nunes Gilberto Costa; Sikora Joseph; Wade Mark Anthony; Warren George; Wheeler Russ; Wilkins Fred M.; Barkin Ellen; Borowitz Katherine; Brierley Suzanne M.; Cahill Cathy; Frye Patricia A.; Gian Nicole; Ivey Judith; Robinson Claudia; Selkowitz Jill; Siegel Janis; Woodward Joanne; Yeager Bunny; Buck Ronald; Harding Malcolm R.; McAlpine Donald; Mancini Henry; Benedict-Pierce Linda; Byrd Mary Lou; Fleming Mary; Allen Dede; Cowden Jack; DeCapite Raymond; Franklin Marcia; Manlove Max; Miller Tom; Tait Ann; Bumstead Henry

Taglines: They’re two men with nothing in common. They’re father and son.
Two men with nothing in common . . . except the blood in their veins.
Only a hard-nose writes off his kid– Only a hero has the courage to change.


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