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Hellbound: Hellraiser II 1988

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Year: 1988

Directors: Tony Randel

Genres: Fantasy,Horror,Thriller

Countries: UK

Votes: 4236

Rating: 5.80

Cast: Kirsty Cotton: Ashley Laurence; Kyle MacRae: William Hope; Dr. Philip Channard/Channard Cenobite: Kenneth Cranham; Julia Cotton: Clare Higgins; Frank Cotton: Sean Chapman; Browning/Skinless Frank: Oliver Smith; Tiffany: Imogen Boorman; Pinhead/Captain Elliot Spencer: Doug Bradley; Female Cenobite: Barbie Wilde; Butterball Cenobite: Simon Bamford; Chatterer Cenobite: Nicholas Vince; Detective Ronson: Angus MacInnes; Skinless Julia: Deborah Joel; Officer Cortez: James Tillitt; Officer Kucich: Bradley Lavelle

Taglines: It will tear your soul apart… again.
Time to play.

Storyline: After having her father and perverse stepmother killed by the cenobites, Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Lawrence) is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Even after trying to convince the authorities of what really happened with her family, nobody believes in her version of the history and they decide to place her in the institute, so that she rests and relaxes a little bit. The hospital is commanded by a brilliant and strange psychiatrist, Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham), who has been looking for the key for another dimension for a long time. The only person who believes in Kirsty is a young and kind assistant of Dr. Channard, called Kyle MacRae (William Hope). Following Kirsty’s version of the story, Channard put his hands on the bloodstained mattress where her stepmother Jъlia (Clare Higgins, from the first Hellraiser) died, Channard decides to resurrect her, killing his patients and offering them as food for Jъlia. She returns without skin, and she decides to help Channard to bring the forces of the evil, but the plans of the two will be disturbed by Kirsty, who wants to end at once with the cenobites, and for Kyle, who doesn’t want to see Kirsty being hurt…

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