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Hidden Beauties

Hidden Beauties

Year: 1999

Genres: Fantasy

Countries: USA

Votes: 160

Rating: 4.9

Cast: Charles Jon-Damon; Donavan Robert; Enochs Kirk; Usher David; Bergeron Jennifer; DeSimone Stacey; Fritz Nikki; Hall Michelle; Keijser Janet Tracy; Martone Catalina; Band Charles; Pascual Don; Kenton Earl; Graver Gary; Joness Wayne Scott; Jett Julie Ann; Golden Dan; Tomasi Rollo; Ralph Steve


Storyline: Three beautiful young women are tricked and seduced by Lord Isherwood. When their plan for revenge accidentally kills him, the Lord’s Gypsy protector Natasha places a curse on the three, putting them into a hundred-year sleep. 100 years later, the three are awakened when the American descendants of Lord Isherwood come to visit the family estate. The young ladies want nothing more than to get on with their lives and make up for lost time, but Natasha is not yet ready to let them leave.

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