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High Times Potluck

High Times Potluck

Year: 2002

Genres: Comedy,Crime

Countries: USA

Votes: 331

Rating: 5.0

Cast: Adonis Frank; Bonsangue Frank; Borghese Paul; Browning Matt; Burney Stuart; Carroll Bryant; Chan Kim; Chong Tommy; Citarella Mike; Colicchio Victor; Gorshin Frank; Holden David; Iacovino Nick; Isaacs Jason; Jade Matt; Ka Shing; Kenney Christopher; Kostelnik Joseph; Lauria Dan; Macaluso Mario; Martin Ivan; Martling Jackie; Mewes Jason; Peel David; Riddell Leif; Rigano Joseph; Russo Russ; Sadovsky Aaron; Van Wyck Erik; Vella Vinny; Whitfield Charles Malik; Doudnikova Angelique; Kogan Theo; Miles Sylvia; Miou; Tanner Kelly; Agueli Robert; Bernard Paul F.; Cameron Donald E.; Cameron Donald e.; Carroll-Colicchio Jeri; Gallagher John A.; Scura James; Slavin Randy; Thompson Alison; Iacovino Nicholas; Green Michael; Bryan Mark; Nau John; Mustaklim Yasmine; Savoia; Renaud Marie-Pierre; Barraza Monica; Jacobs Jordan


Storyline: High Times’ Pot Luck is an upbeat pot caper that centers around a mobster who discovers the magic of marijuana. Frank is a loyal mob soldier whose eyes and mind are opened when he gets turned on to some killer weed by Jade, a beautiful young punk rocker who fronts an all-girl band. A suitcase full of high-quality reefer follows them throughout the film– the suitcase is bought and sold, then stolen and restolen by an unlikely cast of gangsters, artists, drag queens and activists. The movie erupts in downtown Manhattan at a rally for the legalization of marijuana, where all the characters come together, making this the “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Pot.”

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