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Highlander III: The Sorcerer

Highlander III: The Sorcerer

Year: 1994

Genres: Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Action

Countries: Canada,France,UK

Votes: 7745

Rating: 3.8

Cast: Bertignac Louis; Boy Gouchy; Cantin Martin; Cavalier Jason; Chuipka Chip; De Paul Joe; De Spenser Clifford; Diaz Peter; Do Daniel; Doucet Charles S.; Dunn-Hill John; Fierry Patrick; Francis David; Gambone Michel; Gilker Garth; Han Zenhu; Heyerdahl Christopher; Holland Matt; Hopkins Paul; Inoue Akira; Jayston Michael; Jutras Richard; Kakon Gabriel; Lambert Christopher; Laurie Darcy; Mako; McGill Michael; Michetti Emidio; Neufeld Martin; Okimura Frederick Y.; Oumansky Andrй; Ozores Robert; Perusse Jean-Pierre; Raybourne Richard; Ribere Jean-Marie; Tager Aron; Trujillo Raoul; Tsuji Lawrence; Van Peebles Mario; Vitetzakis Georges; Vrana Vlasta; Cameron Morven; Larkin Sheena; MacRae Liz; Mak Bonnie; Unger Deborah Kara; Vitello Lisa; Altmeyer Eric; Boudrias Mychиle; Cazes Jean; Collins Guy; Daly James; Lйger Claude; Smiley Charles L.; Manzor Renй; Mirman Brad; Ohl Paul; Panzer William N.; Widen Gregory; Chivers Steven; Robinson J. Peter; Davignon Mario; Morahan Andrew; Langlois Yves; Aubin Eric; Aubry Franзois; Aumond Guy; Benhmamane Mohamed; Birkmayer Kristina; Boily Sylvie; Boudreau France; Chauveau Christophe; Choquette Francis; Dahan Alain; Dawe Catherine; Dinsmore Jacqueline; Dupont Paul; Fedoryak Thomas; Field Sue; Fisher Eddy; Korrall Ken; Kroeger Wolf; Mallette Monique; Mathieu Benoоt; Mollicone Michel; Poland John; Proust Joel; Aird Gilles

Taglines: Throughout time they have hunted each other fulfilling the prophecy, that there can be only one.
The final conflict.
This time it’s for eternity.
One man was choosen to protect all that is good. Now an enemy from the past journeys time to challenge him in the present.

Storyline: The third Highlander movie takes place at 1994, which means it’s a prequel of the second film. After the death of his beloved wife Heather some centuries ago, Connor MacLeod left the highlands of Scotland and wandered around the world. Finally, he got to Japan, where he met the famous sorcerer Nakano, who was an Immortal too. Soon, they became friends, and Nakano taught Conor some tricks. But one day, an old enemy, Kane, came to Japan willing to find Nakano’s cave and kill him. Although he succeeded, after cutting Nakano’s head the mountain collapsed and Kane was trapped. Now, centuries after, an excavation reveals Nakano’s cave…
In feudal Japan, Connor McLeod, the immortal highlander, seeks out an immortal master of illusion in order to learn the magician’s art. He is unknowingly followed by an evil immortal, Kane, who want Connor’s head. They fight and Connor gets away while Kane is trapped in a cave. Now in the present Connor’s peace is destroyed once again as the evil Kane is released from his imprisonment and the struggle of the Gathering begins again. Using Connor’s loved ones and his acquired powers of illusion, Kane lures Connor in for a fight where there can be only one winner.

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