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Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

Year: 1991

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror

Countries: USA

Votes: 1297

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Bergin Patrick; Bridges Kenneth; Callahan Mars; Deckard Be; Della Femina Michael; Douglas Buddy; Edwards Darren Mark; Farnsworth Richard; Ganssle Gene; Gottfried Gilbert; Graham C.J.; Hall Kevin Peter; Harriman Doug; Hollingsworth Lee; Lennon Jarrett; Lowe Chad; MacKay Michael Reid; Rags; Scally Steven; Stiller Ben; Stiller Jerry; Storke Adam; Tempest Troy; Waxman Michael; Widner Randell Dennis; Wright Julian Charles; Bradley Helen; Ford Lita; Gidley Pamela; Meara Anne; Palmier Marina; Stiller Amy; Swanson Kristy; Byers John; Helgeland Brian; Murphy Dennis Stuart; Page Mary Ann; Rogosin Daniel; Rosen Barry; Vidgeon Robin; Hidden Faces; Kitay David; Kemper Florence; Jong Ate de; Ramsay Todd C.; Thornton Randy D.; Afman Frans J.; Agoglia John Steven; Arter Ed; Baker Claire; Baverman Linda; Brown Don; Caifa Michael; Cays Rosa; Chiesa Debbie; Collins Ted; Collister Sandy; Connally Robert W.; Dale Jolly; Daly John; de Pourtales Gigi; Donner Michael; Erdmann Terry J.; Gibson Cathy Mickel; Gibson Derek; Herrin Julie; Hosking Craig; Jaffe Andrea; Johnston Thomas; Kerr John; Lawrence Brooke; Leimkuehler Laura; McMillan Brian; Moriarty Gerard; Nash Bill; Orba King; Pierce Travis; Piwowarczyk Jolanta; Price Scott Robertson; Rai Slack Randa; Regan Stacy; Serret Kellye; Shockley-Gray Alan; Stephenson Julie; Thompson Neal; Watters Mark; Zollman Denise; Foreman Philip Dean

Taglines: The cops on this road don’t take you to jail… They take you to HELL.
The devil has meet his match and it’s a ’48 ford.
If there’s one thing worse than dying and going to Hell, it’s not dying – and going to Hell.
Where the toll is your soul.

Storyline: Charlie and Rachel run away from home to get married in Las Vegas. But they get attacked by a zombie who takes Rachel with him to hell, where she will become one of Satan’s brides.
Charlie Sykes and his girlfriend Rachel Clark are traveling to Las Vegas to secretly get married to each other. The decide to follow through a secondary road, and while fueling their car in “Sam’s Last Chance” gas station, they are advised by the owner and attendant Sam to not sleep after the second tree in the road. They fall asleep in the car, and a policeman arrests Rachel. Charlie returns to the gas station, and Sam tells him that she has been arrested by a Hellcop, and he has to go to hell if he wants to rescue his fiancйe.

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