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Hold It Like a Baby

Hold It Like a Baby

Year: 2009

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Bink Goncharoff; Dana Halverson; Sandy Hackett; Jackie Kamm; Nick Marcotti; Marlon Hoffman; Natasha Younge; Jason Harrell; Nikole Hollenitsch; Liz Anne Keigley; Todd McCleskey; Shelly Best; Rebecca Silberman; Rose Acosta; Laura Artolachipi

Storyline: ‘Hold your anger like a baby’ advises bipolar psychologist Wilbur Waskowicks. He has just finished his first book, ‘Anger Vanquished,’ and hired exuberant temp Francesca to proofread. She has a thing for messy situations: she married her poetry professor Fernando who was fired as a result. Francesca and Wilbur grow intimate, and when his book is published, abscond to Lake Tahoe for his book launching. Their affair is a brief dysfunctional glimpse of heaven that collides with reality when Wilbur gets the book’s dismal reviews. Two other couple’s stories intertwine: Joe a screenwriter with three ex-wives, four kids assorted between them, and Stacey, newly pregnant and hoping Joe will get her screenplay to his agent. And then there’s Angie and Angelo: her a petite, foul-mouthed waitress aspiring to be a vet, and him a overly-sensitive boxer who has finally gotten that title fight in Vegas – but not without the juice. Wilbur, finding himself separately offended by both Joe and Angelo, concocts a plan to get retribution by anonymously setting up a fight between them. In riotous mayhem the fight draws all our characters into a denouement of furiously funny proportions as Wilbur reveals himself to be the biggest asshole of them all.

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