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Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise

Year: 1995

Genres: Short

Countries: Germany,UK

Votes: 100

Rating: 4.5

Cast: Batten Jimmy; Chuldenko John; D’Onofrio Vincent; Goodman Robert; Hall Marshall; Levi Reuben; Scantlebury Tony; Tranor Graham; Russell Theresa; Roeg Luc; Sutton Saskia; Tossell Judy; Ziegler Regina; Allin Michael; Stok Witold; Gregson-Williams Harry; Reyner Mary-Jane; Roeg Nicolas; Palmer Tony; Holloway Ron; Brockhurst David


Storyline: The not yet married bride of a mafiosi wakes up in the morning in bed with a chained and naked man. She cannot recall what happened last night. The man begins to tell. Did she really had an erotic adventure with a stranger one night before her marriage?

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