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House of Cards

House of Cards

Year: 1993

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 1416

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Banks Issac J.; Barcroft Lloyd; Bennes John; Coble Eric; Fuller Craig; Henderson John; Horse Michael; Jones Tommy Lee; Lyon Robert W.; Marshall Rick; Martнnez Joaquнn; McDaniel Michael; Miller Samuel David; Murray Reuben Valiquette; Searcy Nick; Sipe Jr. Joseph Michael; Strong Shiloh; Cassell Jacqueline; Huntley Luchera; Mashburn Connie; Menina Asha; Overall Park; Pitoniak Anne; Rolle Esther; Russell Emily; Thor Yvette; Turner Kathleen; Cecchi Gori Vittorio; Glattes Wolfgang; Halfon Lianne; Khmara Edward; Nunnari Gianni; Pollock Dale; Sanger Jonathan; Lessac Michael; Litz Robert Jay; Hammer Victor; Horner James; Weiss Julie; Murch Walter; Anderson Pamela; Argentini Aileen; Auerbach Ruth; Barton Carrie; Brown Polly; Cameron C. Douglas; Courtney Kathleen M.; Cox Richard; Daniels Alex; Darfus Dawn; Dickerman Jyllel Syage; Fink Stuart; Firkins Rick; Gabel Robert; Galvбn Jorge; Greenman Alvin; Hall Raine; Lambeth George; Lauritsen Amy; Lessac Jaqueline; Locke Katie; Lopez Gloria; MacGregor Christina; Martin Katie; Monterrubio Cecilia; Muсoz Gallegos Juan; O’Brien Stephanie P.; Ontiveros Lupe; Philbrook Scott; Phillips Craig; Rade Grazia; Rogers Chistine; Rosario Bert; Rowe Lisa M.; Sharp Burton; Stroud Michael W.; Thomas Teresa; Townsend Melinda; Victor Renee; Violante Joe; Warren Linda; Whittington Jerry; Williamson Duane; Young Jean W.; Zavala Kugler Patricia; Larkin Peter S.

Taglines: A Journey That Will Open Your Mind… And Touch Your Heart.

Storyline: When Ruth Matthews’s husband is killed in a fall at an archaeological dig, her daughter Sally handles her father’s death in a very odd manner. As Sally’s condition worsens, Ruth takes her to see Jake, an expert in childhood autism. Jake attempts to bring Sally out of her mental disarray through traditional therapy methods, but Ruth takes a different route. She risks her own sanity by attempting to enter her daughter’s mind and make sense of the seemingly bizarre things that Sally does, including building a wondrous house of cards.

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