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House of Hearts

House of Hearts

Also known as: Crazy Blind Love

Year: 2011

Genres: Comedy,Romance

Countries: Australia

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Devon Aubert; Simone Brice; Sue DeLorger; Nikolai Egel; Carina Gun; Brad J. McBride; Cassie McInnes; Lisa Milio; Crystal Peterson; Helen Petroulas; Wayde Richardson; Taylor Weise; Les Window; Ann-Marie Worth

Storyline: Residents of a Special needs facility House in Adelaide are forced to face the possibility of moving from a safe and secure environment due to the bank and government bodies deciding to sell the property for development. The residents are not accustomed to the ways of the “real” world and take it upon themselves to find a solution to save their home, with innocent and humorous consequences.

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