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How to Draw a Bunny

How to Draw a Bunny

Year: 2002

Genres: Documentary

Countries: USA

Votes: 335

Rating: 7.2

Cast: Ayres Gerald; Christo; Cleveland Buster; Close Chuck; Feigen Richard; Granros Eric; Ialacci Joseph; Janklow Mort; Johnson Ray; Lichtenstein Roy; Lippold Richard; Maravell Nick; Name Billy; Philpott Clive; Plunkett Ed; Rosenquist James; Schuyff Peter; Selby Dennis; Solomon Norman; Beatty Frances; Giffra Janet; Gordon Coco; Jeanne-Claude; Lichtenstein Dorothy; Malina Judith; Saffro Malka; Apicella Steve; Collins Rocky; Foxe Kevin J.; Halfon Lianne; Malkovich John; Moore Andrew L.; Smith Russell; DeMarco Frank G.; Roach Max; Walter John W.; Berenson Berry; Bruns Emerson; Gibbons Heather; Grant Gordon M.; Heyman Ken; Larsen Hazel-Frieda; Marion Annetta; Moore Peter; Shore Stephen; Thrall Donald; Wilson William S.


Storyline: The story of the life of artist Ray Johnson is cloaked in mystery not only at the moment of his death, but also throughout a career that was difficult to know and to understand. As one of the seminal figures in the Pop Art era, Johnson is known as the founding father of mail art and as a collagist extraordinaire. But, overshadowed by those like Warhol who manipulated that world in a very dissimilar manner, he was also a reclusive and sometimes enigmatic figure who has been called New York’s most famous unknown artist, but who challenged the commercial and critical establishment.

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