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Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch

Year: 1985

Genres: Horror

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 2502

Rating: 2.6

Cast: Bronowski Steven; Brown John; Brown Reb; Coppersmith Terry; Crawford James; Cruz Ismael; Etchell Simon; Field Patrick; Kleynen Alex; Kleynen Ed; Kraus Jan; Krecmer Ladislav; Krytinбr Jirн; Leclerc Srance; Lee Christopher; Leonard John; Leonard Paul; Leonard Ron; Mayne Ferdy; Nail Jimmy; Niederle Ivo; Omen Judd; Parsons Stephen W.; Pye Chris; Seide Jared; Skarke Petr; Smrzнk Igor; Sustr Miro; Young Steve; Asterovб Jitka; Danning Sybil; Doyle Carolyn; Hanson Shirley; Hunt Marsha A.; Kaplanovб Valйrie; Kolarova Anna Maria; Leonard Courtney; Leonard Michelle; Ludvikova Hana; Lugerova Miriam; McEnroe Annie; Safбrovб Ludmila; Sinclair Jill; Walker Joyce; Blake David; Jennings Grahame; Lane Steven A.; Schnitzer Avrumie; Simon John Alan; Ward William F.; Brandner Gary; Sarno Robert; Stephenson Geoffrey; Mora Philippe; Bornstein Charles; Barnett Jo; Bell Stacy; Bennett Michael; Bicanovб Jana; Chaplin Miriam; Chaplin Neil; Dacy S.C.; North Steven; Obee Toni; Pringle Robert; Sax Caroline; Smith Donna; Takбcs Olga; Vacek Karel

Taglines: Twice the terror! Twice the torment!
Nightmares never die
The rocking, shocking, new wave of horror!
It’s not over yet.

Storyline: When Ben, the brother of one of the werewolf victims from the first movie, is told that the world is actually full of werewolves and they’re planning to take control, he is skeptical. After a good deal of convincing from werewolf hunter Stefan, however, he finally agrees to join Stefan’s band of lycanthrope hunters in Transylvania on a mission to kill Stirba, Queen of the Werewolves. Can the group survive against her army of evil?

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