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I, the Jury

I, the Jury

Year: 1982

Genres: Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 602

Rating: 5.5

Cast: Assante Armand; Barsky Aaron; Blankenship Norman; Dahlia Richard; Davidson Jack; Dellay Alan; Downs Frederic; Doyle Lee H.; Farago Joe; Faraldo Daniel; Fiorello Michael; Greene H. Richard; Harada Ernest; King Alan; Lauren David; Lewis Geoffrey; Meyers Timothy; Miller Mike; O’Neil F.J.; Peterson Herb; Pickering Loring; Pike Don; Pine Larry; Ramos Richard Russell; Schilling William G.; Scott Judson Earney; Sevra Robert; Snider Barry; Sorvino Paul; Stevens Alex; Adler Felicity; Amato Mary Margaret; Barr Julia; Bohrer Corinne; Burns Bobbi; Carrera Barbara; Douglas Jodi; Fox Samantha; Gilliss Gwyn; Hamil Linda; Harris Leigh; Harris Lynette; Henry Cheryl; James Jessica; Landon Laurene; Madigan M. Sharon; Hornstein Marty; Leone Michael; Pfeffer Andrew; Solo Robert H.; Cohen Larry; Spillane Mickey; Laszlo Andrew; Conti Bill; Bryant Celia; Heffron Richard T.; Craven Garth; Beer Jeffrey; Bodner Renee; Cerullo Al; Eichenstein Eileen; Leo Ralph M.; MacDonough Scott; Marcus Shirley; McCarthy Jim; Pender Brandon; Gundlach Robert

Taglines: He was only a private eye – but he wanted to be the judge and jury as well. [Video]
The cops, the mob, the broads, everyone’s after Hammer!

Storyline: An old friend of a private detective is murdered. The detective, Mike Hammer, will make every effort to find out the killer. At each step he does, there is someone taking advantage of his progress.

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