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Il federale

Il federale

Year: 1961

Genres: Comedy

Countries: France,Italy

Votes: 146

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Agus Gianni; Angelini Nando; Biagetti Edy; Bonanni Luciano; Buzzanca Gino; De Martino Peppino; Fenomeno Jimmy il; Giacobini Franco; Libassi Salvo; Palmer Renzo; Poli Mimmo; Salce Luciano; Severini Leonardo; Tedeschi Gianrico; Tognazzi Ugo; Valentini Leopoldo; Wilson Georges; Carloni Ester; Granelli Mireille; Sandrelli Stefania; Vazzoler Elsa; De Laurentiis Dino; Castellano Franco; Moccia Giuseppe; Menczer Erico; Morricone Ennio; Papi Giuliano; Cinquini Roberto; Boccianti Alberto


Storyline: 1944. Primo Arcovazzi a fanatic member of Brigate Nere (fascist organization) is in charge to bring an opponent to the regime, Prof. George Wilson, from Abruzzo to Roma. He accepted the mandate because of his wish to be upgraded to “Federale”. They travel by a sidecar trough the disastrous Italy, near to the final collapse, under bombings and in agony. Nevertheless the bad situation, they manage to build up a kind of friendship. Primo, even if the signals of final destruction are near, doesn’t lose his trust in the regime. The end is near.

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