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Year: 2007

Genres: Fantasy

Countries: USA

Votes: 162

Rating: 3.7

Cast: Berry Robert; Brown Sebastian; Bush Burton; Byrne Jason; Caraday Anthony; Gerlach Bob; Gildersleeve Ed K.; Le John; Le Kevin; Poelle Travis; Haddad Jessi; Haddad Melissa; Haddad Nikki; Kim Laina; Leiser Laura; Matreyek Miwa; Meier Lidia; Sanford Courtney; Cahill Joseph; Leiser Greg; Leiser Eric; Leiser Jeffrey; Meier Nathan; Phillips Tyler; Masonek Jay; Winston Max

Taglines: Twin girls overcome physical limitations to learn the secrets of heaven and nature.
Visions Are Real.

Storyline: Dr. Reineger is a child neuro-psychologist who has become confident that the twin Anna has a rare form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome, rendering her unable to cope with reality. As for her blind sister, Sarah, the Doctor cannot say for sure why her visions map so closely to Anna’s. At home, their father leaves the family. To escape the pain, the girls sink deeper and deeper into their imaginations. When a major earthquake takes their mother’s life, Reineger is left with helping the now-orphaned twins cope, while at the same time dealing with his own struggle concerning the girls’ prophetic visions. The girls escape the institution. The subsequent search party can’t track them. Have they indeed transcended the physical realm?

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