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Immortal Combat

Immortal Combat

Year: 1994

Genres: Action,Adventure

Countries: Mexico,USA

Votes: 130

Rating: 3.7

Cast: Barr Art; Belanger George; Benнtez Manuel; Chiba Sonny; Cudney Roger; Echegoyen Rufino; Escandуn Josй; Fujishima Hiroyasu; Knowlton Kerry; Lister Tommy ‘Tiny’; Mally Craig; Martнnez Mario Ivбn; McBee Deron; Park Woon Young; Piper Roddy; Sabatino Michael; Foster Meg; Greene Kim Morgan; Mori Mineko; Roth Pamela; Steinick Lara; Card Lamar; Kumakura Mitsuo; Miura Michio; Neira Dan; Saltzgaber Erik; Crabtree Robert; Hofmann Henner; Schwartz Ron; Bender Joel; Schlesinger Sherril; Ballesteros Jose Manuel

Taglines: Indestructible warriors programmed to kill. This is no game.

Storyline: L.A. cop John Keller is hot-headed and has a problem with authority, while his Japanesse partner J.J. uses karate as a weapon. When their partner is killed working undercover at a party, John takes a hunch that leads him to an island where a corporation is using an ancient formula to make indestructable warriors. Together, with reporter Karen Keeler, they must find the killer and put an end to the indestructable warriors.

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