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Indecent Behavior III

Indecent Behavior III

Year: 1995

Genres: Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 135

Rating: 3.4

Cast: Billingslea Beau; Hennings Sam; Jeffery Doug; Leal Jack; Lucia Charles; Munns Robert; Stone Danny; Coffey Colleen; Drew Griffin; Ferratti Rebecca; Hoffman Kelli; Ladell Jennifer; Reyes Pнa; Rogers Jane A.; Rogers Laura; Tweed Shannon; Breschard Jack; Callaghan Phil; Greenberg Marc L.; Rubin Mookie; Styverson Hel; Douglass Paul; Stern Steven M.; Cauthen Kelley; Balbinder Holly; Lamphiear Richard; Levit Jonathan; Nelson Jennifer; Parmelee Ed; Rasmussen Julie; Stegmeir Christine; Wells Scott; Dutrow C.R.


Storyline: A sex therapist finds herself forced to cooperate with the police in tracking down a killer who has been targeting other sex therapists by using her as a decoy.

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