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Inside Daisy Clover

Inside Daisy Clover

Year: 1965

Genres: Drama,Music,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 1123

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Barrymore John; Bogart Humphrey; Gable Clark; Gould Harold; Griffin Merv; Hale John; Helm Peter; McDowall Roddy; Neise George N.; Plummer Christopher; Power Tyrone; Redford Robert; Rooney Mickey; Sayre Jeffrey; Bard Katharine; Carroll Dee; Flynn Gertrude; Gordon Ruth; Harford Betty; Henie Sonja; Holland Edna; Lombard Carole; Loy Myrna; Nesmith Ottola; Wood Natalie; Pakula Alan J.; Lambert Gavin; Lang Charles; Previn Andrй; Thomas Bill; Mulligan Robert; Stell Aaron; Fitzgerald Wayne; Halliburton Isabel; Jeffrey Howard; Clatworthy Robert

Taglines: A star at 15. A has-been at 17. Who says?
The story of what they did to a kid…

Storyline: Daisy Clover is a 15 year old Tomboy who dreams of being a Hollywood star. After auditioning for producer Raymond Swan of Swan studios she becomes the toast of Hollywood. Daisy must then come to terms with her new found fame and the 1930’s Hollywood star treatment.
In 1936, Daisy Clover is a tough talking, chain smoking, sherry drinking fifteen year old tomboy, who lives in a trailer on the Angel Beach, California boardwalk with her eccentric mother, and who dreams of making it big as a singing star. Daisy’s wish comes true when after sending in a recording of herself, she is discovered by movie studio owner and movie producer Raymond Swan. Raymond’s plans are to market Daisy as the wholesome “Valentine”, complete with a back story to match that persona, that story which may not be completely true. Daisy’s mother does not fit into that story. With the help of Daisy’s social climbing older sister Gloria Goslett, Raymond arranges for Mrs. Clover to be committed, Daisy not to see her, as to the movie going public, her mother died the previous year. The more that Raymond controls Daisy’s life, the more Daisy feels the need to confide in a kindred soul within the movie studio, namely a young actor with the stage name Wade Lewis, whose life is also being controlled by the studio (he being marketed as the heartthrob). When life as the movie studio controlled star becomes too much for Daisy to handle, she has to figure out a way to regain control of her life.
A Hollywood story of a teenager who achieves screen success at the age of fifteen – and becomes a has-been at seventeen. The action takes place during the 1930’s at the height of the star system, when the star was in every way “Studio Property.” Daisy Clover is the beach gamin whose meteoric rise to stardom and even faster fade-out is chronicled in an incisive behind-the-scenes tour of vintage Hollywood.

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