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International House

International House

Year: 1933

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 538

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Ainsley Norman; Beauchamp Clem; Breese Edmund; Burns George; Calloway Cab; Ching Bo; Chung Wong; Erwin Stuart; Fields W.C.; Greene Harrison; Hare Lumsden; Holloway Sterling; Hulick Budd; Laidlaw Ethan; Lugosi Bela; Morgan Al; O’Connor Frank; Pangborn Franklin; Ring Cyril; Sedley Henry; Stanley Edwin; Taylor F. Chase; Vallee Rudy; Vincenot Louis; Wong James; Wood Ernest; Allen Gracie; Andre Lona; Daumery Carrie; Joyce Peggy Hopkins; Lee Etta; Ling Bo; Marie Rose; Maritza Sari; Sloan Mary Jane; Zetter Gwen; Cohen Emanuel; Brant Neil; DeLeon Walter; Heifetz Louis E.; Martin Francis; Haller Ernest; Jackson Howard; Leipold John; Rainger Ralph; Banton Travis; Sutherland A. Edward

Taglines: Grand Hotel of comedy

Storyline: Professor Wong has invented a television machine and invites everyone to see it at China’s International House Hotel. Every time Tommy Nash attempts to wed his fiancйe Carol Fortescue he comes down with an illness, and when he breaks out in a rash the hotel is quarantined. Into this hotel flies Professor Quail in his auto-gyro.
A Chinese scientist invents TV, and agents from all countries gather in the remote Chinese city of Wu-Hu to buy the rights. American Tommy Nash is in trouble with fiancйe Carol because his illnesses keep postponing their wedding; playgirl Peggy evades jealous ex-husband Petronovich and pursues rich American Professor Quail. Much of the movie is comedy and musical acts from old-time radio, made visible by the ‘radioscope.’ Highlight: Cab Calloway performing ‘Reefer Man.’

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