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Inventing the Abbotts

Inventing the Abbotts

Year: 1997

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 5756

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Brown Garrett M.; Crudup Billy; Cummins Jack; Frazier David; Hatosy Shawn; Heckendorn David; Keaton Michael; Nivola Alessandro; Patton Will; Phoenix Joaquin; Rosengren Clive; St. Heart Sean; Stewart Joseph Benjamin; Sutton Michael; Ash Margaret; Baker Kathy; Barnes Susan; Benz Julie; Connelly Jennifer; Going Joanna; McLellan Zoe; Post Andrea; Price Dayna; Sherman Amanda; Tyler Liv; Vassallo Nicole M.; Williams Barbara; Grazer Brian; Howard Ron; Kehela Karen; Meyers Janet; Hixon Ken; Miller Sue; MacMillan Kenneth; Kamen Michael; Guerard Rodgers Aggie; O’Connor Pat; Lovejoy Ray; Arroyo Samuel F.; Arter Patrice; Bilski Matt; Blair Jennifer; Carter Tony; Cassell III George A.; Citrin Robin; Cozy Leon Dewayne; Desmond Christopher; Faris Mary Jane; Gilstrap Suzy; Golden Karen; Graf Robert; Halwes Shannon; Hansard Bill; Henrich Holly; Jordan Kim; Judt Tom; Lindemuth Mark; Maninger Jean; Marcantonio A.J.; Morris Brenda; Muir Michelle R.; Mulloy Peggy; Nickson Jennifer; Renizzi-Holt Mayda; Rivo Mike; Ryan Ken; Schultz Woody; Shuster Rick; Smith Mark C.; Sullivan Dan; Tavalaro Ronald P.; Totten Delmar; Tye G. Scott; Yonenaka Ted; Frutkoff Gary

Taglines: Love no matter what
When you want it all but can’t have it, there’s only one way to handle life…invent it.

Storyline: Set in the 1950s, Inventing the Abbotts is a dramatic look at the life of two boys from the wrong side of the tracks and their interaction with the three daughters of local aristocrat Lloyd Abbott. The boys, Jacey and Doug have only 3 things in common: their family, table tennis and chasing the Abbott sisters.

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