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Iron & Silk

Iron & Silk

Year: 1990

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA,Japan

Votes: 314

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Dong Hangcheng; Jiang Xihong; Pan Qingfu; Salzman Mark; Sun Xudong; Xiru Yang; Yun Hu; Zhuang Genyuan; Lin Tsui Jeanette; To Funglin; Wu Vivian; Ying Xiao; Zhiquan Lu; Sun Shirley; Hayman James; Gibbs Michael; Kwei James Y.; Peroni Geraldine; Nickson Robert; Tsao Calvin

Taglines: As a student in America, he searched for ancient wisdom. As a teacher in China, he learned to find it within himself.

Storyline: Mark Salzman always was interested in Kung-Fu and the Chinese culture, claims to have seen every Kung-Fu movie. 1982, with a degree in Chinese literature, he visits a province university in China for two years to teach Chinese teachers the English language. He learns the refinements of correct behavior among Chinese people, makes friends with his pupils, falls in love with the young doctor Ming, learns Uschu (similar Kung-Fu) from the famous teacher Pan… but also learns about political repression, especially when he’s forbidden contact with some of his friends.

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