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It 1990


Year: 1990

Directors: Tommy Lee Wallace

Genres: Fantasy,Mystery,Drama,Horror,Thriller

Countries: Canada,USA

Votes: 14174

Rating: 6.70

Cast: Beverly ‘Bev/Bevvie’ Marsh Rogan: Annette O’Toole; Richard ‘Richie’ Tozier – Age 12: Seth Green; Ben ‘Haystack’ Hanscom: John Ritter; William ‘Stuttering Bill’ Denbrough – Age 12: Jonathan Brandis; Stanley ‘Stan’ Uris: Richard Masur; Robert ‘Bob’ Gray/Pennywise the Dancing Clown/It: Tim Curry; Beverly ‘Bev’ Marsh – Age 12: Emily Perkins; Richard ‘Richie/Trashmouth’ Tozier: Harry Anderson; Eddie Kaspbrak: Dennis Christopher; Michael ‘Mike/Mikey’ Hanlon: Tim Reid; William ‘Stuttering Bill’ Denbrough: Richard Thomas; Ben ‘Haystack’ Hanscom – Age 12: Brandon Crane; Edward ‘Eddie’ Kaspbrak – Age 12: Adam Faraizl; Stanley ‘Stan’ Uris – Age 12: Ben Heller; Michael ‘Mike’ Hanlon – Age 12: Marlon Taylor

Taglines: The Master of Horror unleashes everything you were ever afraid of.

Storyline: Derry, Maine is a quiet town, terrorized every 30 years by a horror known only as “It”. The only victims of “It” are children. Through the form of a clown named Pennywise, “It” wakes up every 30 years and feeds. The adults of Derry act like “It” doesn’t happen. Ironically they know about “It”, but the events are too horrible to talk about. Seven outcasts, know as The Lucky Seven, Bill, Ben, Beverly, Eddie, Richie, Mike, and Stan are able to defeat “It” as children and make a pact to return and do battle again should the terror return. Now 30 years later, Mike Hanlon who stayed behind, is puzzled by a bizarre occurance of child murders. When he discovers that “It” has come back, he reunites what’s left of The Lucky Seven, now in their middle ages to do battle once again, and “It” is ready. The Lucky Seven must now defeat “It” and cure Derry of “The Derry Disease”.

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