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Jackson County Jail

Jackson County Jail

Year: 1976

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 274

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Arnett M. James; Ashe Michael; Carlton Mark; Carradine Robert; Cook Fredric; Darden Severn; Emmich Cliff; Hagle Roy David; Hambleton Duffy; Hesseman Howard; Hilkene Michael; Hinz Don; Jones Tommy Lee; Lawlor John; Lawrence Ken; Leach Britt; Lockmiller Richard; Marshall Edward; Miller Ira; Molloy William; Needham Hal; O’Leary Jack; Peters Gus; Wong Arthur; Barkin Marcie; Copeland Lisa; Drake Marciee; Martin Nan; Mimieux Amparo; Mimieux Yvette; Moye Norma; Noble Nancy Lee; Robin Jackie; Rohmer Patrice; Thomas Betty; Woronov Mary; Begun Jeff; Corman Roger; Gonsky Paul; Stewart Donald; Logan Bruce; Newkirk L. Loren; McNamara Cornelia; Miller Michael; Biggerstaff Caroline; Dorf Gary; Greene Nancy; Liberty Helen; Nash Nancy; Rosen Manette; Sodolski Stanley

Taglines: The cops are there to protect her… but who will protect her from the cops?
What they do to her in the Jackson County Jail is a crime!
The way out is murder!

Storyline: This is a powerful drama about a young woman who stumbles into a nightmare land of hijacking and humiliation while driving cross-country from California to New York.
Fed-up advertising executive Dinah Hunter quits her job and goes on a cross-country car trip from Los Angeles to New York en route to another job. Along the way, she meets up with two psychotic hitchhikers and they steal her car. Ditched and stranded in the middle of nowhere, she seeks refuge in a rural bar run by a drunken lout. After a misunderstanding, she is thrown overnight into the cells of a local jail where her bad trip takes gets worse.

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