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Jimmy and Judy

Jimmy and Judy

Year: 2006

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 938

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Agnew Gregory Patrick; Bristow Patrick; Buckley A.J.; Eckhouse James; Francis Darrell; Friedman Michael; Furlong Edward; Gilkerson Tracey; Jade Denver; Kley Chaney; Little Randy; Rohn Aaron; Rubin Randall; Sadler William; Wilds Rob; Wilson Mitch; Beamish Lindsay; Bella Rachael; Burton Bobbi; Carlotta Kathy; Connelly Jane Leigh; Hastings Emily; Hastings Heather; Hastings Heidi; Hastings Hope; Hastings Megan; Hopkins Tammy; Johnson Nicole Randall; Mooney Colleen; Storm Gay; Wilson Crystal; Ambrose Marc; Angelastro Amy; Champagne Andre James; Gonzales Frank; Sanders Ed; Scanlan Gregory; Schroder Jon; Schroder Robin; Kufrin Ben; Grey Benoit; Stagnaro Stacy; Kent Theodore; Azpetia Jamie; Ball Chad; Brister John H.; DiLorenzo Edward; Drucker Lindsay; Ferrara Kathy; Gaebel Thomas; Garbutt-Lewis Ruth; Harpring Rebecca; Harris Darren; McGee Jonellen R.; McGregor Megan; Nime Nikki; Perry Brandon; Peters David; Rhonda; Stachel Matt; Swartz Jason; Benson Will

Taglines: Love. Obsession. Murder. Caught on tape.
A twisted, f’d up, teenage love story.

Storyline: In the Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati, social misfit Jimmy Wright always has his video camera – at his psychiatrist’s, spying on his parents in their bedroom, and watching high-school senior, Judy Oaks-Kellen. He rescues Judy from a teacher and students who tease and torment her, and showing her his video tape of revenge kick-starts their friendship, which is soon in an overdrive of romance, sex, and pleasure. Jimmy is in and out of mental institutions, and before long, he and Judy are on the run. Cocaine, guns, and a commune of other misfits figure in their flight. How far can their love take them? It’s all on video.

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