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Joan of Paris

Joan of Paris

Year: 1942

Genres: Drama,Romance,War

Countries: USA

Votes: 256

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Abbott John; Briggs Jack; Conried Hans; Cregar Laird; Farrell Fred; Fraser Richard; Gorcey Bernard; Granach Alexander; Henreid Paul; Johnson Payne B.; Ladd Alan; Mack Joseph P.; Michael Paul; Mitchell Thomas; Monks James; Pedrini Rene; Reichow Otto; Robert Mitchell Boy Choir The; Stephenson Robert R.; von Brincken Wilhelm; Weigel Paul; Yetter Sr. William; D’Ambricourt Adrienne; Morgan Michиle; Parley Benay; Rafee Eugenia; Robson May; Seidner Irene; Smirnova Dina; Wilson Katherine; Windsor Marie; Hempstead David; Bennett Charles; Kessel Georges; St. Joseph Ellis; Thйry Jacques; Metty Russell; Webb Roy; Stevenson Robert; Todd Sherman; Dammert Lilo; Devlin Father J.J.; Leonard Queenie; Mitchneck Simon R.

Taglines: TERROR MARKED THEM FOR ITS QUARRY! Striking drama of a Free-French flier, stalked by the Gestapo in today’s darkened Paris…and a girl whose yearning for his arms plunges her, too, into peril! (original poster)
Lured By Love Into The Relentless Grip Of The World’s Most Dreaded TERROR!

Storyline: An RAF squadron is brought down over occupied France. The flyers get to Paris in spite of the fact that the youngest, Baby, is injured. He must be hidden and his wounds cared for. The Gestapo has already issued orders for their arrest.

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