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Joe Dirt 2001

Joe Dirt

Year: 2001

Directors: Dennie Gordon

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 11279

Rating: 5.20

Cast: Jill: Jaime Pressly; Joe Dirt: David Spade; Joe’s Dad: Fred Ward; Clem: Christopher Walken; Joe’s Mom: Caroline Aaron; Zander Kelly: Dennis Miller; Little Joe Dirt: Erik Per Sullivan; Robby: Kid Rock; Brandy: Brittany Daniel; Kicking Wing: Adam Beach; KXLA Security Guard: John Farley; Joe’s Little Sister: Megan Taylor Harvey; Bullying Man #1: Bob Zany; Bullying Man #2: Bean Miller; Zeke: Lee Walker

Taglines: Keep on Moppin’ in the Free world.
Trailer Trash – Wig Wearin’ – Acid Wash – Jean Lovin’ – Rock Concert – T-Shirt Sportin’ – Hero
He Came. He Cleaned. He Conquered
His name’s not mud… but it’s close.
Join The Porta-Party.
Dig it.
Life’s a garden. Dig it.
From the producing team that brought you DEUCE BIGALOW and BIG DADDY

Storyline: David Spade plays Joe, whose search for his family has him hittin’ the road and keepin’ it real with every lowlife he meets, including a sweet hottie (Brittany Daniel), a janitor (Christopher Walken), and a pychotic cannibal (Brian Thompson) with whom he has a brief interlude. Through it all, Joe keeps on truckin’ . . . all the way to L.A., where a shock jock DJ (Dennis Miller) targets Joe as the butt of his show. But Joe’s plucky spirit encourages listeners to cheer him on and help him find a better family than the one he thought he wanted. Rock on!

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