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Joy Division

Joy Division

Year: 2006

Genres: Drama,War

Countries: UK,Germany,Hungary

Votes: 285

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Benedek Gyula; Chapman Sean; Darchinger Thomas; Enkhjargal Batmunkh; Fancsikai Pйter; Geri Florian; Harnett Ricci; Hegedus Miklos; Hill Bernard; Holder Ram John; Hollinderbдumer Dietrich; Jevgenyij Cservotarjov; Jones Gary; Jбki Bйla; Kambarov Kairat; Kay Bernard; Kertйsz Pйter; Kittel Marlon; Kхszegi Pйter; Matheson William; Pavletits Bйla; Pinczes Attila; Schilling Tom; Sidaway Robert; Stoppard Ed; Szabados Mihбly; Szendrei Andras; Tцrkцly Levente; Zicherman Istvan; Zicherman Zoltan; Zбmbori Soma; Bordбn Irйn; Bordбn Lili; Fцldi Teri; Gayle Michelle; Gebhardt Sybille; Heerwagen Bernadette; Mornar Lea; Murphy Keara; Pethх Kincsх; Pбlfy Katalin; Rochell Katrena; Vermes Kata; von Borsody Suzanne; Collins Guy; Harvey Alex; Hines Tony; Kemeny Ildiko; Leggatt Kim; Millar Daniel; Rae Jonathan; Raiser Stefan; Sidaway Ashley; Sipos Lбszlу; Swanson Jacqueline; Zackor Felix; Mason Rosemary; Traviss Reg; Loftus Bryan; Kallis George; Matyschok Gesa; Cartwright Peter; Beddard Emily; Csuka Бgota; Daniell Angie; Evans Sophie; Fraser Mike; Fraser Vic; Gerencsйr Jуzsef; Gregory Nicole; Haddow Mary; Hines Christopher; Ingram Rupert; Kovбcs Balбzs; Lйgmбn Imre; Rais Yasmin; Scrimshaw Diarmid; Shale Lee; Szombati Beatrix; Fleischer Michael; Stork Csaba

Taglines: The past is a place you cannot escape

Storyline: In 1944, the fourteen years old teenager Thomas is convoked to fight in the German Army. He survives, but his town is destroyed, his family dies in a bombing and his sweetheart Melanie is raped and murdered by the Russian Army. A Commissar brings the orphan Thomas to Soviet Union, and he is sent to the military school. Years later, Thomas becomes an agent of KGB and in 1962, during the Cold War, he is assigned to work in London. Living with ghosts from the past in constant fear and paranoia, he meets the black Londoner Yvonne, who gives him the strength of joy.

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