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Justine de Sade

Justine de Sade

Year: 1972

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,Italy,Canada

Votes: 114

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Arcanel Yves; Beauvilliers Georges; Bertay Michel; Chevreuse Christian; Fantasia Franco; Lande Roberto; Lombard Robert; Mirowski Maurice; Montavon Max; Parenti Mauro; Perrin Marco; Portier Marcel; Rouyer Andrй; Santarelli Dominique; Topart Jean; Arno Alice; Broquet Chantal; Ferro Lida; Lepvrier Diane; Touillez Anicette; Verdier France; Pierson Claude; Boisvert Huguette; de Sade Marquis; Tarbиs Jean-Jacques; Cotte Franзoise; Cotte Roger; Villes-Mirowski Elyane; Ceppi Franзois


Storyline: Therese, a beautiful but naive young girl, who finds herself being passed around from depraved pervert to depraved pervert, enduring just about every kind of sexual degradation there is while still believing that some kind stranger will eventually help her.

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