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Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings

Year: 2006

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Sweden,USA

Votes: 438

Rating: 4.6

Cast: Cutt Michael; Fares Fares; Germann Greg; Havins Hal; Larroquette John; Martinez Benito; Savage John; Skarsgеrd Alexander; Skarsgеrd Stellan; Stanton Dan; Stanton Don; Williamson Scott; Wilson Andreas; Benz Julie; Bonilla Michelle; Davidovich Lolita; de Lacey Mindee; Hawker Cheryl; May Paulah; McCole Bartusiak Skye; Moore Terry; Sanchez Ashlyn; Edery Simon; Holmstrцm Fredrik; Kessler Rйmi; Larson Bjцrne; Lцnnerheden Hans; Magnusson Kim; Sandstrom Johan; Yeskel Ronnie; Taube Lisa; Hartowicz Irek; Rekdal Jon; Hendrix Gina; Daily Blair; Alexander Stephen; Barrйn Kim; Berggren Mathias; Berryman Robert L.; Cabander Therese; Casamassima Peter F.; Chatupornpitak Kevin; Chu Donald; Cosola John; Duerr Minnie; Haugaard Lena; Hayashigawa Nathan; Helms Scott; Henriksson Claes; Hult Max; Ignacio Eric; Johnson Ashanti; Johnson Eugene; Jones Ulrika; Kaplan Sherman; Kinsey Robert; Korslund Lone; Kyle Jefferson; Langseth Nick; Libermann Michel; McNeil Lisa; McNulty Kieren; McPeak Gary; Mendoza Paul; Powell Jr. Charles H.; Robertson Kristin; Robertson Thomas; Robinson Kirsten; Rubin Judd; Ruiz Jr. Roy A.; Smith Teddy; Stein Charles E.; Troadec Cйdric; Tung Amy H.; Utsler Kevin; Vaunois Romain; von Arbin Ahlander Astri; Ward Gaylord; Widmark Stefan; Wilder James E.; Wrightsman Jane; Youngsma Peter O.; Dugally Denny


Storyline: A desperate young writer is lured on a wild ride through the desert by a mysterious woman in this darkly comic take on the all-American road trip. Along the way they cross paths with a hapless mobster, a 6 foot transvestite and a lovesick housewife, all on the way to their celebrity TV shrink in Las Vegas… Things quickly spiral out of control into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game… a writer’s frantic search for inspiration becomes intertwined with a motley crew of quirky characters seeking love and adventure at any cost.
The path of a struggling screenwriter and a mysterious free spirit intersects with that of a transvestite, a housewife, and a hapless mobster on their way to Las Vegas to see a celebrity psychiatrist in this take on suicidal tendencies and the all-American road trip. A writer’s search for art and fulfillment becomes intertwined with a host of quirky characters seeking love and adventure.

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