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King of Kings

King of Kings

Year: 1961

Genres: Biography,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 2077

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Aslan Grйgoire; Barrero Tino; Braсa Frank; Calvo Rafael Luis; Connor Edric; Coulouris George; Dano Royal; Davies David; de Pomйs Fйlix; Guardino Harry; Hatfield Hurd; Hunter Jeffrey; Keegan Barry; Marsac Maurice; Mayans Antonio; Morбn Paco; Naschy Paul; Nieto Josй; Prendes Luis; Randell Ron; Rimoldi Adriano; Rojo Rubйn; Rolfe Guy; Ryan Robert; Sambrell Aldo; San Martнn Conrado; Sancho Fernando; Strait Bud; Thring Frank; Tichy Gйrard; Torn Rip; Wager Michael; Welles Orson; Bazlen Brigid; Gam Rita; Lindfors Viveca; McKenna Siobhan; Paar Randy; Sevilla Carmen; Bronston Samuel; Brown Alan; Prades Jaime; Bradbury Ray; Yordan Philip; Berenguer Manuel; Krasner Milton R.; Planer Franz; Rуzsa Miklуs; Wakhйvitch Georges; Ray Nicholas; Kress Harold F.; Lichtig Renйe; Gibson Carl; Moorehead Agnes; Piotrowski Maciek; Utey Betty

Taglines: A Story of The Christ. The Glory of His Spoken Words.
The Power – The Passion – The Greatness – The Glory

Storyline: When the Romans under General Pompey conquer Judea in 63 BC, an era of despair and fear begins for the Jewish people. In the trials and persecutions that the Jews suffer under the Romans and under King Herod, they take hope in the promise that the Messiah someday would come. In the reign of Augustus, when Jesus is born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph, there are some who recognize him as the future king of the Jews. Later, when Jesus reaches adulthood and begins to appear in public, there are many different responses to his message, and there are also those who wish to use him for their own purposes.

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