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Kiss Me Again

Kiss Me Again

Year: 2006

Genres: Romance,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 384

Rating: 5.3

Cast: Armisen Fred; Dushku Nate; Hammond Darrell; Levy Morris S.; London Jeremy; Marks Sandy; Martin Franklin; Martling Jackie; Mazzola Jeff; Mazzola Julian; Nee Adam; Scaccia John John; Schneider Jonathan Neil; Seinfeld Evan; Smith Billy; Smith William T.; Suarez Alfredo; Waddell Ernest; Baruc Siri; Donovan Elisa; Iacono Alexis; Kuppenbender Kirsten; Kuriansky Judy; LaVasseur Tristen; Mazzola Lorraine; Napoleone Stacey; Orfeh; Scaccia Samantha; Sherman Claudia; Strand Casey; Taylor Mirelly; Winnick Katheryn; Scaccia John; Hoxter Julian; Mandava Bhargavi C.; Moreton Leonard; Smith William Tyler; LaVasseur Christopher; Dawson Isabel; Samaha Justin; Ritchings Amy; Wilson Sam; Alexander Catherine; Bird Chris; Denning Marianne; Ertel Bailey; Green Wilson; Kearse Kirsten; Larkin Scott; McKennon Mark; Sena Theo

Taglines: Even he didn’t think it would go this well!

Storyline: Unintended consequences, Pandora’s box, the genie out of the bottle. Julian and Chalice are married three years, affectionate and happy. He teaches at a store-front college, she counsels at Planned Parenthood. Their Lower East Side flatmate is Malika, Chalice’s long-time friend who’s bisexual. Julian is attracted to a student, Elena, but steps back from an affair. He hatches a plan to convince Chalice to engage in a mйnage a trios; she’s reluctant, then willing. Julian brings Elena into the picture without telling Chalice he already knows her. Meanwhile, Malika has her own response. Against a backdrop of trouble at Julian’s college, emotions roil. How many ways can this go wrong?

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