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Kiss or Kill

Kiss or Kill

Year: 1997

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: Australia

Votes: 942

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Bartsch Matthew; Bennett Darren; Brisbane Syd; Burke Chris; Chapman Don; Clark John; Corman Peter; Cullen Max; Day Matt; Gilbert Andrew S.; Haywood Chris; Hill Michael; Koch Ted; Langrishe Barry; Lynch Tony; Otto Barry; Rees Paul; Revell Geoff; Ross Bruce; Weldon-Iley Jordan; Williams Dennis; Aylemore Rosalind; Bennett Tracey; Birve Ullie; Brewer Janet; Burfitt Vicki; Cluff Jennifer; Dew Beth; Johnson Carmel; Koch Marjorie; Leith Audine; Lovell Eliza; McLaughlin Mary; O’Connor Frances; Perry Stacey; Peters Tiffany; Smith Jean; Sobotta Julie; Windsor Liz; Bennett Bill; Borglund Mikael; Hamilton Gary; Soeterboek Corrie; McCulloch Malcolm; Dangar Henry; Abbey Sarah; Bichard Jennifer; Bosisto Marcus; Burstall Tom; Cooper Jean; Culpan Peter; Drake Jennifer; Fisher Rob; Gibbs Antony; Godfrey Joanne; Heysen Scott; Huby Jennifer; Marcus Steve; Martorejo Janine; McIntyre Kathryn; McNeil Kerrin; Quist Anne; Santucci Peter; Seiboth Robyn; Van Gyen Rikki; Walters Penny; Wolfson Denise; Plumer Andrew

Taglines: Lovers on the RUN . . .
How much hell can two people raise in the middle of nowhere?
The ultimate romantic getaway.

Storyline: Two young scam artists rob their drugged victims after the woman is picked up in bars and taken to a hotel room. The only problem is that their latest victim dies. Looking at his stuff, they suddenly find a video tape with a former athlete sexually involved with a young boy. The woman contacts the athlete and sets off a series of murders in which they are incriminated and a chase across Australia led by the athlete, the police, and an aborigine tracker.

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