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La ъltima cena

La ъltima cena

Year: 1976

Genres: Drama

Countries: Cuba

Votes: 228

Rating: 7.2

Cast: Acea Mario; Balmaseda Mario; Borroto Francisco; Claxton Samuel; Cortina Andrйs; Dнaz Josй; Espinosa Leandro M.; Garcнa Luis Alberto; Guerra Miguel; Hernandez Julio; Junco Tito; Mesa Elio; O’Farril Alfredo; Puig Manuel; Rey Silvano; Rodrнguez Josй Antonio; Romero Luis Salvador; Tamayo Idelfonso; Villagra Nelson; Ibarra Mirta; Pйrez Peki; Llapur Santiago; Vives Camilo; Diego Constante; Fraginals Moreno; Gutiйrrez Alea Tomбs; Haya Maria Eugenia; Garcнa Joya Mario; Brouwer Leo; Lavallet Lidia; Ruiz Jesъs; Rodrнguez Nelson


Storyline: During Holy Week at the end of the eighteenth century, a count visits his Havana sugar mill on a day a slave has run away. The count tells his cruel overseer, Don Manuel, to pick 12 slaves who will be guests at the count’s table. Don Manuel objects, but to no avail. The twelfth guest is the recaptured runaway. During the dinner, using religious analogies, the count lectures his guests on the perfect happiness possible in slavery. They in turn tell stories and make requests. He promises no work on Good Friday, but he leaves early that morning and Don Manuel rousts the slaves for a long day cutting cane. They rebel. Which side will the count take?

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